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Industry Associations

As one of the leading manufacturers of plastic pipe in South Africa, the interests of our customers and stakeholders are always our highest priority. It is therefore important to us that we form close partnerships with the right industry bodies who share our views and values, and whose objectives contribute to the development of the plastic pipe industry.

SAPPMA (Southern African Plastic Pipe Manufacturers Association)

plastic pipe industryThe main purpose of SAPPMA is to facilitate high standards of ethics, product quality and technical information to create absolute quality, trust and integrity throughout the value chain of the Southern African Plastic Pipes Industry.

JASWIC (Joint Acceptance Scheme for Water Services Installation Components)

joint-acceptance-scheme-for-water-services-installation-componentsJASWIC promotes the use of acceptable components in water and sanitation installations in the interest of water conservation, health, safety and the prevention of water pollution.

IOPSA (Institute of Plumbing South Africa)

institute-of-plumbing-south-africaIOPSA ensures best practice plumbing methods, high standard products and suitably trained members to perform tasks using compliant products and engineering.

SABS (South African Bureau of Standards)

south-africa-bureau-of-standardsThe SABS deals with the promotion and maintenance of standardisation and quality in connection with commodities and the rendering of services to promote design excellence, and offer an uncompromised value-added standardisation service.

IFPA (Installation and Fabrication Plastic Pipe Association)

installation-and-fabrication-plastic-pipe-associationAs an initiative of SAPPMA, the objective of IFPA is to establish a code of conduct that will ensure a consistently high standard of fabrication and installation, and entrench a commitment to honest business practices and ethical standards.

SABI (South African Irrigation Institute)

south-african-irrigation-instituteSABI provides better irrigation standards and norms to ensure the optimal use of irrigation water as a scarce natural resource.

CESA (Consulting Engineers South Africa)

consulting-engineers-south-africa-logoConsulting Engineers South Africa (CESA) aims to be the ‘Proud Voice of Consulting Engineering in South Africa’ and is committed to the principles of sustainability and the promotion of engineering excellence.

IMESA (The Institute of Municipal Engineering of Southern African)

institute-of-municipal-engineers-of-southern-africa-logoIMESA promotes the interests of municipal engineers and their profession, and creates a platform for the exchange of ideas and viewpoints on all aspects of municipal engineering with the aim of expanding the knowledge and best practices in all local government municipalities.

Plastics SA

plastics-south-africaPlastics SA plays an active role in the growth and development of the South African plastics industry. Together with related industry associations, Plastics SA strives to address plastic related issues, influence role players, and to promote plastics as the material of choice.

SAICE (The South African Institution of Civil Engineering)

south-african-institution-of-civil-engineering-logoSAICE’s mission is to advance professional knowledge and improve the practice of civil engineering by providing its members with continuing education in technical, managerial and communication skills, and enhancing the recognition of civil engineering as a highly respected profession.

SASTT (Southern African Society for Trenchless Technology)

south-african-society-for-trenchless-technology-logoSASTT's mission is to promote, from an ethical and neutral base, the use of Trenchless Technology for providing and maintaining underground services with minimal surface and environmental disruption.

SAVA (Southern African Vinyls Association)

southern-african-vinyls-associationSAVA’s objective is to create consumer confidence within the PVC pipe industry and to develop and sustain markets for vinyl applications by ensuring compliance with all relevant national and international standards and specifications.

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