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South Africa depends on the agriculture sector as the largest producer of food and driver of economic growth; however it is also the largest user of our scarce water resources. The use of NFT Hydroponic Growing Systems is fast-growing in agriculture as the best way to overcome critical food and water shortages by offering a quicker, healthier, more sustainable method of food production.

What is NFT Hydroponics?

NFT Hydroponics (loosely translated as “working-water”) is a method of growing produce using a flow of mineral nutrient water solutions instead of soil. The soilless nature of the system means that high-quality crops can be grown in any climate and in shorter times, providing a more reliable, predictable, eco-friendly and safe alternative to traditional crop systems.

Growing hydroponically offers significant advantages, both for the environment and for farmers as well as for consumers:

  • Not dependent on seasonal activity: Not affected by drought, flood and other climate-related issues
  • Reduced water usage: Compared to soil-based systems
  • No pesticides or herbicides: Pests and soil diseases and weeds can be better controlled without the use of harsh chemicals
  • Hydroponic nutrients are recyclable: waste water containing valuable water and nutrients can be collected, filtered, treated and recycled
  • Growing time is lessened: Accelerated growth due to correct balance of nutrients, water and oxygen
  • Automated systems: UV sensors allow for faster crop turnover and reduced labour
  • Healthier produce: Better control of environment significantly reduces plant stress and provides for a very healthy crop

Marley Hydroponic Profiles

Marley manufactures a range of UV stabilised, food graded PVC pressure pipes ideally suited to hydroponic growing applications, backed by a range of complementary fittings to complete the system.

Pipe Specification: 100mm (w) x 50mm (h)

Features & Benefits

  • Long lengths available: Pipe lengths range from 1.5m up to 12m lengths
  • Full solution: Supplied with stop end moulded fittings to complete the system
  • Food graded PVC: Qualified by SABS suitable for food use
  • Tried and tested:  Used by some of the largest lettuce suppliers in South Africa

The NFT Hydroponic Process


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