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Marley’s Soil and Vent Pipe Solution offers a certified PVC-U system for above ground sanitation, conveying soil into underground drainage systems.

For soil and vent applications, moulded and fabricated PVC-U pipe fittings are available in 75, 110 and 160mm sizes, including transition to 40 and 50mm waste dimensions. For non-pressure applications, the Marley B-ring system offers maximum joint integrity.

Marley soil and vent pipes and fittings are manufactured from UV stabilised PVC-U which is tough and resilient. PVC-U, the major material component, is self-extinguishing and will not support combustion. Furthermore, PVC-U is unaffected by coastal or industrial atmospheres, or by the use of domestic cleaning agents.

* A number of additional fittings are available in various dimensions and diameters.  More information is available from the Marley Sales Office. Click here to contact us.

Features & Benefits of Marley Soil & Vent PVC-U Pipe Systems

Ease of installation and secure joints

Contractors enjoy the ease with which installations may be undertaken with Marley's soil and vent pipe systems, and the increased productivity it provides. For non-pressure applications, the Marley B-ring system offers maximum joint integrity. No special tools are required to establish joints and minimal training is required. Solvent weld joints are also utilised for establishing joints. This jointing method has proven through the years to be economical, efficient and secure for the application.

Approvals and quality assurance

Specifiers, engineers, contractors and property owners alike can rest assured knowing that the Marley soil and vent system conforms to the relevant SANS standard and bears the SABS mark. Marley’s commitment to quality and safety has all pipe and components manufactured in an ISO9001:2008 accredited facility.

Performance and aesthetics

The Marley soil and vent system is a PVC-U pipe solution (white in colour) and offers corrosion resistance and excellent flow rates. The system is tough and offers resistance to impact. As a result, site breakages and other failures are minimal. The system is UV stabilised to prevent weathering and oxidation in Southern Africa’s harsh climate. Completed installations are neat in appearance and will provide many years of service-free use under normal operating conditions.

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