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World Plumbing Day 2015

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Imagine you woke up this morning and weren’t able to have that quick shower, trip to the bathroom or any of the other morning rituals we take for granted. What about simply filling your kettle from the tap and enjoying that first cup of coffee? What would your day have been like without the modern plumbing systems that make all this possible?

Plumbing initially took off when cities began to grow and expand in ancient times. The most notable of these is Ancient Rome. As a growing number of people flocked to the city, sanitation became a real concern to the authorities of the time. They therefore installed expansive waterways and pipelines in order for potable water to reach the citizens and wastewater to be removed.

Since those early days, plumbing has come leaps and bounds. On 11 March, we are once again celebrating this fact and the impact it has on our everyday lives with World Plumbing Day. This year also marks the 10th year in what the United Nations (UN) declared the International Decade for Action “Water for Life”, placing focus on water-related issues that still plague the world.

As a market leader in the plumbing industry, Marley Pipe Systems continuously pushes for innovation, research and development in the field. Our products have therefore become recognised by consumers and contractors alike as the preferred choice for sustainable, efficient and durable pipe solutions in homes and buildings across sub-Saharan Africa.

Visit our building range to see what plumbing and building solutions we can offer you and, if interested, find out where your nearest Marley stockist is!

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