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According to new SABS regulations, 31 July marks the deadline for local manufacturers of PVC pipes and fittings to adopt heavy metal free production methods in order to keep their SABS approval rating.

The new regulation was announced on October 30, 2013, following an amendment of a series of standards by the technical committee of the SABS Standards Division.

“Local manufacturers of PVC pipes who are SABS certified have been granted a window period of 24 months as of 30 October 2013 to get their house in order and to comply with the new relevant standard requirements.”

SAPPMA welcomed the decision, and Chairman, Jan Venter commented: 

“Representing a socially responsible industry, SAPPMA already embarked on a voluntary removal of heavy metal stabilisers from PVC pipes back in 2006 because it added value to SAPPMA’s life cycle thinking and took into account end-of-life issues and waste management options.”

What does this mean for Marley?

We’re already there

As a proud supporter of SAPPMA and SAVA initiatives and an advocate of quality plastic pipe production in South Africa – Marley has always been ahead of the curve in adopting innovative manufacturing methods that meet both customer requirements and international standards.

Under the guidance of Aliaxis, Marley Pipe Systems has fully adapted to a ‘lead-free environment’ as far back as 2008*. And to this day, we’re proud to say that our manufacturing operations continue to lead the way in responsible production with heavy metal free products.

In this way, we’re are constantly living out our commitment to “Bringing tomorrow to life” by developing environmentally friendly, safer, socially responsible pipe solutions.

*Disclaimer – Products manufactured by Marley are guaranteed to be heavy metal free. Marley cannot guarantee, however, that product buy-outs from alternative manufacturing sites/suppliers are heavy metal free.

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