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Marley Pipe Systems partners with SAICE on its 12th AQUALIBRIUM

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saice 2015 competitionOver the past 12 years, the Marley Pipe Systems brand has become synonymous with AQUALIBRIUM, the SAICE Schools Water Competition.  This year was no different as Marley Pipes Systems once again made a valuable contribution to the competition in the form of a sponsorship of R7500.00 along with Marley branded equipment and pens used by students during the competition.

This nationally recognised competition is in alignment with Marley’s ongoing efforts to sustain the future of water and civil engineering. Furthermore, some of the key objectives of the competition is to contribute positively to science, engineering, technology and innovation.

The competition is two-fold with individual regional competitions followed by a nail-biting challenging showdown held in Johannesburg. This year’s finals took place on 31 July at the Sci-Bono Discovery Centre where the winning team walked away with a grand prize of R2500.00 per team member and the educator received a prize of R1000.00.

saice 2015 competition 1While the monetary prizes remains a pivotal part for the competition participants, the core essence of the competition is to afford potential civil engineering students the opportunity to explore and understand the intellect and thinking capacity they would require to pursue this career.  The challenge students are faced with is to design a model water distribution network to distribute three litres of water equally between three points on the grid using two different diameter pipes and connection pieces.  Teams are allocated a time period of one hour to design, construct and operate their network.

The sustainability of the competition is captured in the lessons learners are exposed to which include understanding the practical processes that impact on their daily lives such as how water gets to their homes. Students are further educated on the reasons why we should pay for water.

SAICE uses this competition as a platform to create significant awareness regarding the water supply in South Africa and how it is fast becoming a scarce commodity and should be recycled, re-used, respected and conserved. AQUALIBRIUM is also used to convey key messages regarding the use of water as well as the importance of maintaining infrastructure and creating new infrastructure to provide potable water to those who do not have running water in their homes. According to Marie Ashpole, SAICE Outreach Officer, “the ongoing participation of private sector companies like Marley Pipe Systems assists in making the competition a realistic learning lesson for students”.

“Year on year Marley Pipe Systems continues to remain an active sponsor and partner of this competition as we have a firm ethos in development at grass-root levels to ensure long-term sustainability of our scarce resources which is the key objective of this specific competition hosted by SAICE”.

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