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Marley Wetlands Initiative

Marley Pipe Systems representatives recently visited Hartbeespoort dam where the industry leading pipe manufacturer supplied the Harties Metsi a Me (“My Water”) programme with HDPE pipes to construct and form the base of what will soon be one of the largest floating wetlands in the world, with the aim of restoring the wetland resources of Hartbeespoort Dam to improve water quality, increase wildlife habitat and biodiversity, and reduce flood damage. Petrus Venter, project leader, joined forces with the Department of Water and Sanitation to head up the Hartbeespoort Dam Integrated Biological Remediation Programme in 2008. Marley Pipe Systems then partnered with Petrus on the initiative when HDPE pipe was identified as the fundamental aspect in the construction of the floating wetlands.

Marley Pipe Systems supplied a specific standard 90mm x 3.2mm HDPE MEGATUFF pipe, the pipe has been protected and when assembled, will form the base of the floating wetlands. One floating wetland unit is made up of a 2m x 2m HDPE frame with a plastic coated wire mesh and anchor ropes. A package of 5 units comprises a combination of different Papyrus water plant species joined together in a line making up 22 m. More than 3 km has already been deployed along the shoreline with the first target of 5 km to be completed by March 2015. The Hartbeespoort Dam Integrated Biological Remediation Programme has fostered plant growth which acts as a biological nutrient filter and a home for many different species of fish, birds, and also adds to the filtration capacity.

These strings of ecosystems have become of utmost important due to the eroding of the shoreline and deconstruction of the dam. The floating wetlands have the advantage over the shoreline of being able to move with the increase and decrease of water levels, ensuring a sustainable ecosystem all year round.

Marley Pipe Systems, along with Petrus Venter, look forward to the success that the Hartbeespoort Dam Integrated Biological Remediation Programme will bring, as this initiative will form the base for implementation and expansion into more dams in the future. The HDPE pipes that Marley supplies is expected to form part of a long lasting solution to ensure the sustainability of our countries critical water supply sources – taking this initiative to new heights.

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