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Over the years, Marley’s deeply entrenched roots in the mining and industrial industry has positioned them as leaders in the industry. This standing is a result of ongoing efforts aimed at producing exceptional quality products to provide sustainable solutions for industry needs.

As an Aliaxis company, Marley Pipe Systems is driven by the distinct ethos of “quality without compromise”. Having been in the industry for over 50 years, Marley is in a keen position to recognise some of the major catalysts that result in poor quality standards evident in the industry today.

According to Marley Pipe Systems Product Specialist: Petroplas and Weholite, Mr. Ian Venter, the foundation for building on this strong quality mandate is centred on education. In identifying this critical knowledge gap in the professional market, Marley Pipe Systems has embarked on a training initiative aimed at municipal and consulting engineers.

Holding a combined number of 50 years of expertise in the industry, the Marley training programme is headed by Product Specialist: Petroplas and Weholite, Mr. Ian Venter, and Product Specialist: Polyolefins & Petroplas, Mr. Willem Locke. The content of the training is aimed at unpacking the pillars of quality to empower the industry toward better material selection and improved system pipeline installations which form the backbone of our country’s infrastructure and economy. Essentially, the training is centered on understanding the various technical components of a project and matching this with a sustainable, high quality solution.

In recent years, trying economic conditions have had a direct impact on a number of industries, including the mining industry. With finances being fairly limited, the alternative is often cheaper, sub-standard products which often result in greater loss and damages.  As industry veterans, Mr. Ian Venter and Mr. Willem Locke are well positioned to educate professionals on the technical, financial and sustainable advantages of operating within the boundaries of “Quality without Compromise”.

According to these industry leaders, the key purpose of this training initiative is to empower the industry to start operating on a standard that exceeds expectations while ensuring projects completed are high quality, sustainable solutions which address the problems we are faced with in the mining and industrial sectors.

For more information on the Marley Training Programme, click here.


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