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SAICE-WRC AQUALIBRIUM Competition finalists spend a day with Marley

On the 11th December, Marley gave five aspiring civil engineers from the group of SAICE-WRC Schools Water Competition finalists the opportunity to join them at the Marley factory in Nigel to gain valuable behind-the-scenes insight into the manufacturing environment and the practicalities of the industry.

The day kicked off with a speech from Louis Albertyn, MD of Marley Pipe Systems, welcoming the five students who came from around the country to spend a day learning the inner workings of the Marley factory. The students, Wihan Cahill (18) from Cape Town, Hoteb Nkadimeng (18) and Trinity Nkosi (18) from Middelburg, and Michelle Maleka (17) and Sevelo Khoza (18) from Johannesburg, were excited to be given this opportunity to follow in the footsteps of their career of choice and were eager to find out more about this lucrative industry.

Throughout the day, the students were introduced to Marley’s various operations, from showcasing their Marley Value Partner video which demonstrates Marley’s commitment towards a responsible plastic pipe industry, to a presentation on the Marley product range and what is involved in the complex manufacturing processes that make up a quality pipe. They were then given an exclusive tour of the factory by Chris Wright, Manufacturing Manager at Marley, to get a hands-on view of just how the pipes move through the production process.

To break the seriousness of the day, the students were tasked with building a bridge using only jellytots and toothpicks which proved to be a fun-filled and educational activity for all. At the beginning of the day, the students were also forewarned about a challenge that they would be given which involved conceptualising a new solution that would promote sustainable living using Marley pipes. The students came up with some innovative ideas, including a solar powered pumping station to catch rainwater.

Also there on the day was Marie Ashpole from the South African Institute of Civil Engineering (SAICE). Marie was closely involved in the SAICE-WRC Schools Water Competition and was only too willing to contribute to Marley’s worthwhile venture to help and encourage learners who wish to become a part of this vital profession.

Marie stated that, “The Aqualibrium competition succeeds in inspiring students from disadvantaged schools to get into civil engineering and without the sponsorship of companies like Marley, it would not be possible.

In addition, the learners appreciated the Marley Student Day and it went a long way to broadening their understanding of not only what Marley does, but also of the civil engineering as well as construction industry in terms of where pipes are used and where it fits into completing infrastructure projects.”

As one of the major sponsors at this year’s AQUALIBRIUM, Marley demonstrated a commitment that extends far beyond the manufacturing of pipes, and will continue to do so by investing in many more initiatives aimed at water conservation awareness and education, and towards the betterment of South Africa’s infrastructure.

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