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SAVA at Green Building Council

November 2011 – As an industry body that firmly believes in its cause and the power of its message, the Southern African Vinyls Association (SAVA) recently decided to engage with some of its harshest critics by exhibiting at the Green Building Council of South Africa’s (GBCSA) Expo which was held at the CTICC from the 26th to 28th of October.

“PVC is a chlorinated hydrocarbon polymer that is used by most of us every day. In and around our homes, PVC is used in a wide range of products such as pipes for our fresh water, drainage pipes, floor coverings, window frames, cabling, toys, pool membranes, kitchen cabinetry, wall cladding, medical drainage tubing and food packaging”, explains Delanie Bezuidenhout, CEO of SAVA.

“PVC often comes under attack by environmentalists, architects and specifiers for not being environmentally responsible, however much has changed in the production of PVC and PVC products over the last few years”, she says, adding that PVC has become Internationally recognized as a sustainable product and South Africa is set on course to achieve the same result through the committed efforts of SAVA.

SAVA, officially formed in November last year, has been working tirelessly and behind the scenes this past year to develop its Product Stewardship Programme (PSP) – a series of achievable commitments aimed at addressing the industry’s environmental issues and setting a time frame in which all SAVA members will meet these goals. The PSP aims to bring South Africa in line with the international “Best Practice PVC” standards and commitments to responsible manufacture and recycling of PVC and PVC products. Workshops have been held around the country for all suppliers, manufacturers and importers, both SAVA members and non-members, that fall in any part of the PVC chain to discuss these goals and set achievable deadlines. The PSP is set to be signed off at the AGM in February 2012.

Earlier this year, SAVA also cooperated with GBCSA in developing a PVC Industry Questionnaire, with the purpose of obtaining further, objective information regarding current practices and environmental performances of the local PVC Industry. GBCSA is assessing the collected data and SAVA expect a positive report back shortly. “Exhibiting and working with the Green Building Council has allowed us to engage with decision makers and role players in the building, engineering and construction industries and to correct the misconceptions or misgivings they may have about the use of PVC”, Delanie Bezuidenhout, CEO of SAVA explains. “We were able to educate them through face-to-face discussions held at our stand about significant inroads that we as an industry has made with regards to responsible and sustainable use of additives in the manufacturing of vinyl, the recycling of PVC products, increased consumer confidence within the industry and the growing markets for PVC products”, she says.

“We have reached our goal of engaging with the trade and letting them know SAVA is an industry body that has been called into existence so that they have somewhere to go with their questions and concerns over the use of PVC. We managed to get important conversations going about the myriad of uses of PVC and the transformation that has taken place in our industry, and we believe that we have set new standards for a product that would normally just have been dismissed and overlooked,” Delanie adds.
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Article and Image Reference: November 10 2011, 'SAVA at Green Building Council', Leading Architecture and Design. [link to

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