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Innovative technology. Quality Pipe Systems.

Marley’s full pipe system solution to the energy market

Recognised in various industries as one of the leading HDPE manufacturers, Marley has an extensive understanding of local and international quality standards that when coupled with our strong market position, provides the assurance of superior quality in our full pipe system solution to the energy market.

Our complete energy solutions include pipes and fittings specifically designed for buried installations in gas/energy distribution applications.

Not only does Marley consistently provide the market with innovative technology such as Electrofusion, but we also offer technical advice and training for all stakeholders throughout the value chain which include installers, contractors, engineers and more.

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Pipeline Construction Training

Empowering the industry toward better pipeline infrastructures for a better future

Marley is a company that prides itself on nothing but quality – not only in the products that we manufacture, but also the very integrity of the pipe installations that make up the backbone of our country’s infrastructure and economy.

As part of our commitment to sustainable development at all levels of the value chain, we strive to create opportunities to bridge the critical gap in the fundamental knowledge of best practice pipeline design and installation as it correlates with quality standards and specifications to address service delivery challenges, through hands-on support and skills transfer.

Through the various training opportunities, led by industry experts, Marley teaches contractors, installers and specifiers not only on the importance of quality in the manufacture and installation of pipe systems, but also key considerations in the layout and design of piping systems to safeguard structural integrity and to ensure that compliance is maintained.

Pipeline Training Courses

All of the courses listed below are offered free of charge* as our value-add to you and can be presented to groups of between 20-30 people at one of our venues or at a venue of your choice in your region. Training takes place in the 2nd and 3rd week of every month.

The Fundamentals of Polyolefins in Pipeline Applications

Thermoplastic Welding Inspection Programme

* A certain number of attendees will be required to justify travel to outlying provinces


Meet the Trainers

Willem Locke
Product Specialist: Polyolefins & Petroplas

  Ian Venter
Product Specialist: Petroplas & Weholite

Willem Locke   Ian Venter

Willem is very involved in proactively promoting and marketing Marley’s product range to various specifying bodies, including consulting engineers, architects, government, municipalities and construction companies. This requires an extensive level of product and operational knowledge, problem solving ability, and hands-on project experience to derive meaningful solutions to core issues.

His over 40 years of experience in the civil engineering space has equipped Willem to contribute significantly to the business, having worked for companies such as Everite Building Products, Gundle Plastics Group, Aqua-Loc Water Demand Management Systems, DPI Trading and Amanzi Starway

Ian kicked off his career in 1990 when he started working with polymer conversion/production design. In 1997, he obtained a National Higher Diploma in Polymer Technology from Pretoria Technicon (Tshwane University of Technology). Later, he was formally Technical Product manager PVC HDPE and Weholite® structured wall HDPE pipe, all forming part of the Petzetakis Africa(Pty)LTD product range.

Being an active member of the SAPPMA (Southern African Plastic Pipe Manufacturing Association) technical committee, Ian has been involved in various projects to draw up new revised standards regarding the manufacture and design, installation and end use. In 2008, he was awarded a SAPPMA MERITORIOUS AWARD.


The Marley Mining & Industrial product range, which covers everything from slurry and dredge operations to the conveyance of fuel in petrochemicals and HDPE pipe applications, is widely recognised for setting the benchmark in quality and value.

As one of the leading plastic piping manufacturers in sub-Saharan Africa, we are proud of the fact that our products conform to the highest international standards, with pipes and components being manufactured in an ISO9001:2008 accredited factory under stringent process controls to ensure that each product meets exacting customer and quality requirements.

Mining & Industrial Pipe Systems



Fabricated Fittings


Marley’s leading MEGATUFF HDPE Pipe is renowned for being the preferred choice for use in potable water applications across multiple industries.


Marley’s HDPE Pipe solutions are supported by an in-house fabrications team, which is equipped to manufacture, supply and guarantee void-free HDPE fabricated fittings.


HDPE Manholes


Butt Weld Fittings

hdpe-manholes   Marley offers custom fabricated HDPE manholes for a variety of applications, manufactured from a combination of high quality solid-wall and structured wall pipe.
  buttwelding   Marley’s range of HDPE butt weld fittings is compact, easily stacked for simplified transportation and storage, and excellent for prefabricated pipe works.




megatuff-hdpe-pipe   The MEGATUFF HDPE Vent Pipe System has been specially developed to provide a complete solution for mine ventilation systems in the control of health hazards in underground mines.
  megatuff-fr-pipe   MEGATUFF FR Pipe is a robust, flame-retardant HDPE piping system that significantly reduces the spread of flame to ensure worker safety in underground mining operations.

MEGAFLEX Mining Hoses


MEGAFLEX Industrial Hoses

megaflex-mining-hoses   MEGAFLEX PVC Mining Hoses are designed for ultimate safety and efficiency to convey mining materials in slurries, construction works, quarries and dredging operations.
  megaflex-industrial-hoses   MEGAFLEX Industrial Hoses combine superior flexibility and strength with high burst and working pressures to suit a wide variety of applications in South Africa’s industrial sector.

MEGAFLEX Suction & Delivery Hoses


MEGAFLEX Dragline Hoses

megaflex-suction-and-delivery-hoses   MEGAFLEX suction and delivery hoses are specifically designed for the suction of liquids and mixtures for various applications in the Agricultural, Building, Mining and Fishing industries.
  megaflex-dragline-hoses   MEGAFLEX Dragline hoses present a cost-effective, high pressure PVC hose specially designed to provide reliability without compromising on the quality standards expected from a robust hosepipe.

Marley Compression Fittings


Philmac Compression Fittings

compression-fittings   Marley supplies a comprehensive range of compression fittings for HDPE pipe for use in irrigation and drinking water systems available in sizes from 16mm to 110mm.
  philmac-compression-fittings   Marley Pipe Systems is proud to have been appointed as the authorised agent for the Philmac range of compression and transition fittings available in sizes from 16mm to 110mm.




gas-pipes   Marley manufactures MEGATUFF Gas Pipe, a flexible pipe and fitting system specifically designed for buried installations in gas distribution applications.
  petroplas   Petroplas is a high performance polyethylene pipe system designed specifically for the transfer of fuels in dispensing facilities and commercial installations.

Marley Electrofusion & Spigot Fittings


Weholite Structured Wall Pipe

electrofusion-fittings   Marley offers an extensive range of electrofusion welding and spigot fittings for pressurised gas and water pipelines in civil and industrial applications.
  weholite-structured-wall-pipe   Recognising demands for a lightweight, low pressure, large diameter pipe with fittings, Marley offers Weholite for various pipeline applications.

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Marley Mining & Industrial Division
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