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Hydroponic Profiles


South Africa depends on the agriculture sector as the largest producer of food and driver of economic growth; however it is also the largest user of our scarce water resources. The use of NFT Hydroponic Growing Systems is fast-growing in agriculture as the best way to overcome critical food and water shortages by offering a quicker, healthier, more sustainable method of food production.

What is NFT Hydroponics?

NFT Hydroponics (loosely translated as “working-water”) is a method of growing produce using a flow of mineral nutrient water solutions instead of soil. The soilless nature of the system means that high-quality crops can be grown in any climate and in shorter times, providing a more reliable, predictable, eco-friendly and safe alternative to traditional crop systems.

Growing hydroponically offers significant advantages, both for the environment and for farmers as well as for consumers:

  • Not dependent on seasonal activity: Not affected by drought, flood and other climate-related issues
  • Reduced water usage: Compared to soil-based systems
  • No pesticides or herbicides: Pests and soil diseases and weeds can be better controlled without the use of harsh chemicals
  • Hydroponic nutrients are recyclable: waste water containing valuable water and nutrients can be collected, filtered, treated and recycled
  • Growing time is lessened: Accelerated growth due to correct balance of nutrients, water and oxygen
  • Automated systems: UV sensors allow for faster crop turnover and reduced labour
  • Healthier produce: Better control of environment significantly reduces plant stress and provides for a very healthy crop

Marley Hydroponic Profiles

Marley manufactures a range of UV stabilised, food graded PVC pressure pipes ideally suited to hydroponic growing applications, backed by a range of complementary fittings to complete the system.

Pipe Specification: 100mm (w) x 50mm (h)

Features & Benefits

  • Long lengths available: Pipe lengths range from 1.5m up to 12m lengths
  • Full solution: Supplied with stop end moulded fittings to complete the system
  • Food graded PVC: Qualified by SABS suitable for food use
  • Tried and tested:  Used by some of the largest lettuce suppliers in South Africa

The NFT Hydroponic Process


Weholite Structured Wall HDPE Pipe


Marley Pipe Systems is the South African licensee of the Weholite pipework system, a large diameter gravity or low pressure high density polyethylene pipe (HDPE) pipe. Constructed by a unique patented structured wall process, Weholite can be manufactured in a range of ring stiffnesses and large pipe sizes from 280mm up to 3500mm – depending on customer requirements.

New production techniques have been combined with the latest raw materials technology to produce a durable pipe system with superior load-bearing properties, making Weholite the preferred solution for many municipal and industrial applications in both the public and private sector – including stormwater management, sewage treatment systems, culverts, marine pipelines and irrigation water distribution.

Weholite Structured Wall HDPE pipe provides all the technical advantages of equivalent polyethylene Solid-Wall pipes, but with substantial savings in weight, thus combining greater ease of installation with increased cost effectiveness when compared to traditional materials.

Weholite pipes are highly abrasion resistant, tolerant of ground movement and will not corrode or deteriorate in contact with a wide range of substances.  These pipes are also characterised by its natural ability to "flex", which enables them to adjust to different loading conditions, vibrations, stress and soil movements without causing damage to the pipe.

Marley manufactures Weholite pipe under licence from Uponor Infra (formerly KWH Pipe) and are manufactured in accordance with Uponor Infra and Marley internal standards which are in accordance with EN 13476 and SANS 21138 and form part of an SABS ISO 9001:2008 quality management system. Regular inspections and audits are carried out by the local inspection authority.

Weholite LP Couplings

The Weholite LP Couplings are designed and manufactured specifically for use with Weholite pipes. Made from a high-quality stainless steel with a vulcanised rubber seal, these couplings are leak-free, corrosion resistant and easy to install, and if installed correctly, can have a design life of over 50 years.

Features & Benefits

Virtually Leak Proof

12m lengths offer a greatly reduced joint frequency, which minimises the possibility of leakage or ingress of groundwater (which can lead to excessive loading of downstream treatment plants)

Corrosion Resistant

HDPE pipe is less susceptible to salt water and chemicals associated with sanitary sewage effluent and will not rust, rot or corrode


Weholite has a high tolerance for harsh environments and is virtually unbreakable even in freezing conditions


HDPE construction pipes can be transported easily on site, often removing the need for heavy lifting equipment and significantly reducing its carbon footprint

Weld Ability

Weholite is suitable for fabrications of various pipe sheeting and Solid-Wall HDPE pipe, and other combinations. Welded joints render the sewer pipe 100% root ingress resistant.

Ease of Installation

Weholite Ease of InstallationEasier to Transport. Easier to Install. Reliable Joints

Owing to its light weight, Weholite HDPE pipe provides for easy installation, even in complex installations where challenging conditions are presented, often removing the need for heavy lifting equipment and reducing health and safety risks. In addition, the availability of 12m lengths offers a greatly reduced joint frequency, which minimises the possibility of leakage or ingress of groundwater (which can lead to excessive loading of downstream treatment plants).

Applications of Weholite


Weholite Structured Wall HDPE Pipe has proven to be an ideal solution in irrigation and low pressure water conveyance applications. The properties of Weholite, including strength and durability as well as enhanced hydraulic flow, ensure the installation of irrigation systems that will withstand the test of time.

Applications include: river and canal diversion, agricultural irrigation systems, underground irrigation systems, irrigation pipelines, water conservation and safety

Sanitary Sewer

For more than 50 years, polyethylene pipe has proven to be a reliable, long-term solution for sewer and wastewater systems. Weholite offers distinct chemical and physical advantages over other materials such as FRP, concrete and cast or ductile iron pipe. High flexibility and abrasion resistance means that it will not corrode or tuberculate over time, making it a long-lasting solution for municipal projects.

Applications include: sanitary interceptor sewers, sanitary sewer overflow, combined sewer overflow, aeration tank effluent and influent, final settling tank effluent and influent, plant effluent, tertiary filter effluent, and odorous air


Deteriorating culverts come quickly become a problem when roadway damage caused by corroded, rusted and washed-out culverts occurs. Traditional culvert replacement methods are an expensive, time-consuming and labour-intensive process.

For years, Weholite has been considered the ideal choice for slip lining corroded culverts, since the slip lining process prevents traffic delays and road closures normally associated with traditional ‘dig and replace’ techniques. Weholite’s high axial stiffness and high resistance to the hydrostatic collapse pressurecaused by grouting, simplifies the installation and grouting procedures when using this pipe to reline deteriorated highway culvert pipe.

Drainage & Stormwater

Marley manufactures and supplies Weholite drainage systems for virtually any requirement in civil construction. In addition to enhanced hydraulic flow and unparalleled chemical and abrasion resistance compared with other materials – Weholite is unbeatable when it comes to flexibility in unstable ground conditions. In fact, research has shown that the service life of Weholite is 50% greater than concreate in stormwater applications.

Applications include: culverts, culvert relining, drainage pipe for building developments, drainage pipe for roadways and railways, stormwater drains, stormwater detention/retention

More applications include:

  • Cooling water intakes
  • Manholes
  • Pumping chambers
  • Marine outfall
  • Ventilation pipes
  • Surface drainage
  • Inter-process pipework
  • Tanks, floats, ventilation ducts

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Philmac Compression Fittings

philmac-compression-fittingsPhilmac is renowned for quality products and services. Their compression fittings comply with the requirements of a number of Australian specifications and, in South Africa, have a Certificate of Acceptance from JASWIC.

Marley Pipe Systems is proud to have been appointed as the authorised agent for the Philmac range of compression and transition fittings which are available in sizes from 16mm to 110mm and have a maximum operating pressure of 16 bar.

The Philmac fitting design uses the mechanical advantage of the nut thread to place the seal into a compressed position. This means no resistance when inserting the pipe into the fitting, thus eliminating damage or displacement to the seal during installation. Furthermore, the fittings have no loose components which can be incorrectly assembled or lost.

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