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“Marley not only has the ability to understand the unique requirements that projects like this can have, but they also have people in place with the necessary knowledge and expertise who are always available to assist you.”
- Anne-Marie Loots, Managing Director, Alternative Environmental Improvement (Pty) Ltd

South Africa is facing an energy crisis and it is for this reason that many property developers are making use of alternative energy sources. Along with it being more reliable, alternative sources often carry benefits for the environment. This falls in line with Marley Pipe Systems’ commitment to manufacturing products that are not only
environmentally friendly, but also contribute to the overall sustainability of projects.

Alternative Environmental Improvement (Pty) Ltd is an accredited LPG installation company, currently installing the underground tanks as well as the LPGas reticulation piping network at the Waterfall Estate, in Midrand.

Marley has been awarded a long-term contract by Alternative Environmental Improvement (Pty) Ltd, to supply all the necessary low pressure LPGas pipes, FRIALEN electrofusion fittings meant for the distribution of LPGas, as well as FRIALEN equipment for welding the fittings in place. So far, Marley has delivered 10km of pipes, though
this is just a fraction of what the final length will be.

Waterfall Estate covers the entire area from the N1 highway in Midrand to Main Road in Kyalami and includes 5 residential developments, a retirement centre and a business estate for industrial, office and retail purposes. Once completed, the Waterfall Estate will have the largest network of LPGas pipelines in South Africa.

With the help of Marley Pipe Systems, AEI recently completed the installation of one such system in the Waterfall Country Estate, an area within the Waterfall Estate development. Once completed, the reticulated LPGas system will distribute LPGas to more than 2200 homes on the estate. The average household in the Waterfall Country
Estate uses between 16-19kg of LPGas during the summer months. With LPGas being much more affordable than electricity, they can save an average of 60% on their energy bills each month. LPGas also provides stability as it is not affected by power cuts, and residents can continue to use it for water heating, space heating and cooking

Quick Facts

  • Expected to be the largest LPGas network in South Africa when completed
  • More than 10km of pipe delivered so far
  • Currently, a monthly average of 3200kg of LPGas distributed to 1 residential estate which includes 800 homes
  • Once the complete network is live, LPGas will be distributed to over 2200 homes on estate
  • Covers the entire area from N1 highway in Midrand to Main Road in Kyalami

Download the full Alternative Environmental Improvement case study


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