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Angola Cunene Water Project

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For Marley, this project was about more than just business; it was an opportunity to uplift communities.

Following a commitment to providing a higher standard of living for underprivileged communities, Marley Pipe Systems was awarded a $15 million water supply contract in Angola by Spanish company UTE Befesa-Riogersa. This contract forms part of the master trans-frontier plan with Namibia to supply safe drinking water to the north of this Southern African country.

As one of the provinces devastated by Angolan conflict, Cunene has suffered from a lack of proper supply and sanitation systems, resulting in low levels of access to clean drinking water. Only 15-20% of the rural population has the advantage of a dedicated water source, while the rest rely on walking far distances every day to retrieve unhealthy water from local rivers, boreholes, and small dams to provide for their families. It is little wonder then that over 80% of illness and death in these communities
are caused by water-borne diseases.

This immense contract, commissioned by the Angolan Ministry of Energy and Water, will deliver a continuous solution to Cunene’s water crisis, benefiting approximately 250 000 people who previously did not have access to fresh drinking water daily.

Overall, the project provides for the extraction and treatment of water from the Cunene River via a water treatment facility at Xangongo. From there, the treated water is pumped along a 100km pipeline to three different towns, Xangongo, Mongua and Ondjiva. The main part of the project involved the supply of over 98km of 630mm PN6 HDPE pipe as well as about 2km of 630mm PN10 HDPE pipe – marking one of Marley’s largest contributions to a single project.

The project, however, was not without its challenges. Marley MD, Louis Albertyn and his experienced team went to extreme lengths to secure the project, concluding chief negotiations to assess critical factors, including the overall financial attractiveness of the project, the associated risks linked to the project, cash flow implications as a result of the payment terms granted by the Angolan government, and retention monies, not to mention the potential penalty claims.

In addition, stringent Quality Control checks were undertaken in the initial evaluation of the most suitable pipe supplier for the project. Numerous elements of the pipe material were required to meet the client’s exacting specifications for quality and integrity. Marley’s HDPE range of pipes came out on top, offering superior value pipes endorsed by the South African Plastic Pipe Manufacturers Association (SAPPMA) and manufactured according to sound quality standards, carrying the SABS mark for SANS ISO 4427.

Transporting the pipes the distance to Angola was no easy feat and the pipes had to be delivered in 15m lengths to decrease the number of welds on-site. In order to ensure the safe passage of the HDPE pipes, Marley partnered with WP Transport, who had 16 trailers custom built for this project. The trailers had specially designed uprights with cradles to ensure that the pipes fit onto the trucks perfectly and were steady and secure. Each truck transported 16 pipe lengths at a time, adding up to a total loading height of more than 2.5m per truck.

The biggest challenge, however, occurred once the pipes had actually reached the Angolan border. Not only did Marley and Befesa have to make sure that all documentation for every truck was 100% in order, but WP Transport also had to appoint a dedicated person to handle the time-consuming and rigorous customs
process – the result of which was costly delays and standing time.

Against all the odds, Marley went above and beyond to complete the project at hand with the same dedication and determination that they put into every project. For Marley, this project was about more than just business; it was an opportunity to uplift communities by giving them access to the most fundamental resource of life and
what no one should do without – water.

Marley’s continued focus on the mining and industrial sectors ensures that we are able to partner on multi-million rand projects both locally and into Africa through the manufacture and supply of quality large pipe systems and complex comprehensive solutions that enable the development of sustainable pipeline infrastructures efficiently and safely.

Quick Facts

  • More than 400 truck loads of pipe delivered
  • Almost 2 million km travelled by WP Transport (50x around the earth)
  • More than 100km of 630mm pipe supplied
  • In excess of 4800 tons of HDPE pipe supplied
  • In excess of 1500 days (man hours) standing time spent at the Angolan border

Download the full Angola Cunene Water Project case study


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