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HDPE Fabricated Fittings


The ever increasing demand for more complex and cost efficient pipeline designs has resulted in a greater need for HDPE fabricated pipe and fittings as a means to solve installation situations where common fittings fail. As part of our turnkey HDPE solution, Marley specialises in the extrusion and fabrication of both Solid-Wall and Structured Wall HDPE pipe and fittings.

We recognise that a pipe system is only as good as its weakest link, the joint. Marley’s extensive understanding of both local and international standards, coupled with our strong position in the HDPE market, provides the assurance of quality for our full system.

A quality control system has been put in place which ensures the accurate identification and full traceability of our fabricated fittings from raw material stage to the final product. In addition, our fabricated stubs have been guaranteed to be void-free and have been X-rayed as part of our quality assurance process.

Our fully equipped fabrication workshop is operated by a team of highly trained staff, including qualified plasticians who have been certified by the Plastics Federation of South Africa. Utilising state-of-the-art equipment and machinery, including modern trench welders and fabricators, our fabrication solution has been proven to provide the same level of quality that our HDPE offering has become renowned for.

All pipes and fittings are fabricated to SANS ISO 4427, ISO 4437 and related standards in compliance with SAPPMA and IFPA requirements.

Fabrication Types

Fittings can be fabricated for butt welding, extrusion welding (buttfusion) and electrofusion welding (manufactured for both local and international use) in sizes ranging from 20mm-1000mm (HDPE) and 280mm-1800mm (Weholite)

Custom fabrications include manifolds, sweep tees and reducing fittings. HDPE fabricated fittings can be made to design according to your individual specifications or alternatively, we are also able to assist in the design process to produce a fitting that meets your exact application need.

Specialised and niche products can also be fabricated specifically for the export market, including:

  • Steel reinforced stubs for high pressure applications predominantly in the gas industry (above 25 bar)
  • Fabricated parts for saddles
  • Fabrication of large diameter fluorinated Petroplas pipe and fittings for fuel and hydrocarbon contaminated environments
  • Gas pipe fabrications
  • FR pipe fabrications

HDPE Fabricated Fittings Range

Segmented Bends
(90° and 45°)

Size: 50mm-100mm

Segmented Tees & Laterals
(60° and 45°)

Size: 50mm-1000mm

Long Radius Bends
(90° and 45°)

3D, 2D and 1.5D –
Size: 50mm-630mm

Long Radius Bends
(90° and 45°)

3D only – Size: 110mm-630mm

Long Radius Bends
(90° and 45°)

5D only – Size: 110mm-630mm

Stub Flanges


Size: 20mm-1000mm


Size: 20mm-1000mm

Tak Stubs & Clamps

Size: 110mm-280mm

Victaulic Stubs & Clamps

Size: 110mm-250mm

Concentric Reducers


Size: 25mm-630mm

Eccentric Reducers


Size: 63mm-630mm



Size: up to 1000mm

Reducing Tees

Size: up to 1000mm



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