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VYNADEEP® Gutter System

Marley VYNADEEP® offers a robust, half round gutterline profile with concealed brackets featuring round downpipes and an elastomer sealing system. The economical design and ease of use make the VYNADEEP range ideal for application in rural areas as well as in the assembly of rainwater collection systems

VYNADEEP® Gutter Systems

vynadeep-cross-sectionMarley vinyl rainwater goods made their first public appearance at the London Ideal Homes Exhibition in 1959. Since then they have won the approval of every progressive local authority, architect and builder in South Africa and overseas. The MARLEY VYNADEEP® rainwater system carries the SABS mark of approval No. 11/1970.

Gutter and fittings

Marley VYNADEEP® gutters are extruded in long lengths to make for easy and economical installation. All gutter fittings are injection moulded to ensure uniform shape and a high quality finish.

Each fitting is supplied complete with a pre-fixed rubber sealing gasket and is of patented design to ensure simple and quick watertight joints. The patent joint also has the ability of controlling thermal movement within the system.

Marley VYNADEEP® carries a 10-year warranty, provided installations conform to Marley’s instructions.

Features & Benefits of VYNADEEP Gutter Systems

Ease of installation

Contractors enjoy the ease with which installations may be undertaken and the increased productivity this offers.
  • Easily handled and transported due to low mass and resilience
  • Easily cut
  • Simplified jointing
  • Clean to work with
  • No expensive tooling or equipment required


The system is resilient and offers high resistance to impact. As a result, site breakages and other failures are minimal.


Specifiers, engineers, contractors and property owners alike can rest assured knowing that the Marley gutter systems conform to the relevant South African National Standard and bear the SABS mark. Marley’s commitment to quality and safety has all extrusions and components manufactured in an ISO9001 accredited facility.

Performance and aesthetics

Marley VYNADEEP PVC-U rainwater systems are white in colour with a smooth finish. The system offers corrosion resistance (unaffected by surface scratches) and excellent flow rates. Completed installations are neat in appearance and will offer many years of use under normal operating conditions.

Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Rainwater harvesting is fast becoming a sustainable solution to South Africa's water problem with many benefits for the end user. Marley VYNADEEP can be easily connected to a water storage tank to provide homes and buildings, especially in rural areas, with a alternate and reliable water supply.

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